As we work to get everything in place for our grand opening in the summer, there is a lot going on at Daitoen Kagurazaka! We’ve been working closely with our designer and architectural friends at Hataka to finalize the plan for our restaurant. Just last week, all the materials that we’ve ordered have arrived and we are already working on putting the restaurant together!

We want to give you a sneak peek on what the restaurant will look like.

First of all, the images below are from the garden. It is enclosed and can be accessed by all our guests from the inside of the restaurant. The wooden hallway that you see (not finished yet) is called an “engawa”. This is a very traditional aspect of Japanese architecture. Engawa simply refers to the hallway between the rooms and the window that leads outside. Part of it also extends beyond the windows, so when you come to our restaurant you can side outside and enjoy the garden. 🙂

The next thing we want to show you are the actual private rooms. Each room seats about 4 to 10 people. We also have one large party room that seats up to 20 people. All of them are enclosed and you enter each room through a noren curtain. We wanted to make it so that each party of customers can enjoy their meals quietly, yet the noren curtains provide just the right amount of openness. That’s the reason we chose that over a door.

Now, here’s perhaps the most exciting thing we want to share! Our toilets! Keeping with the Japanese experience, we ordered specially made bidets from Japan for our restaurant. Guests will be able to experience toilets with heated seats, and those a little more adventurous can try out the bidet wash! Choosing a toilet seat bidet was harder than we thought because there are fewer choices in North America than in Japan. We went through a lot of bidet seat comparison and eventually decided on the Toto bidets. So many thanks to our friends at Jbidet for helping us choose the best toilet seat!

And finally the storefront! What are these lockers you wonder? Well in Japan, it’s not uncommon to take off your shoes when you dine at a restaurant. That’s because for Japanese people, it’s more comfortable to take off your shoes. So why not enjoy your meal in comfort as if you were at home? That’s why we built these beautiful wooden lockers at the front of our store where you can put your shoes.