Daitoen Kagurazaka is a yakiniku restaurant from Japan. This year, we will be opening our first restaurant in North America, hoping give customers a truly Japanese yakiniku experience.

As part of the experience, customers will be able to enjoy private washiki seating. The seating is designed to impart the beauty of zen and tranquility. The seating area leads to a hall with special lighting that leads to a Japanese garden. We hope you can enjoy a uniquely Japanese atmosphere.

The main highlight of our menu will be the A5 rank wagyu sourced directly from Matsusaka, which along with Kobe, Yonezawa, and Mishima make up the highest grades of beef in Japan. You’ve heard of Kobe beef, but we guarantee you’ll fall in love with Matsusaka beef.

Our store also features a wine cellar where we will stock a delightful section of wines and sake to pair with our delicious yakiniku. We hope you will enjoy our carefully selected wines and sake with your meal.

Whether you are hosting a special occasion, having a meeting, or celebrating a birthday, we hope to see you soon at Daitoen Kagurazaka.